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How to Photograph for Mercedes Benz?

Photographing for a big company seems like an far off goal. Most Pictures you see of brand look like a "Pro" Photographer shot them. You propably think they have the necessary network and expertise to get to photograph for brands like Mercedes Benz, Audi, Volkswagen or whatever brand you can think of.
For that matter it feels naturally that if you would shoot for a big brand, you are one of the entitled "Pro" Photographers. People recognize and might even envy you for your entitlement. Dont be foolish, neither of these thoughts represent the reality.

Getting started is hard.

So, how to reach out for a brand photoshoot?. If you'd just write them an E-Mail you most likely will be ignored. Maybe i got lucky?
Even if you have the courage and write them you think you wouldn't be able to deliver them photos to meet their expectations. Your Photos would be too incosistent. You don't have the Gear it takes.

You don't have to be a Pro!

You should look at this as a way to progress as a photographer. There are various events where brands look out for new talents and cooperate with other companys.
I attended an event called "Creator Meets" and Photographed one day for Mercedes Benz. I got handed out a Car and a new Canon Camera for one day. Eyeem (an image marketplace and stock agency) cooperated with Canon (The Camera and Mercedes Benz for this event. I had alot of fun, we were actually two photographers with that car. You can see some Photos below.
No Expectations had to be met. 1 Photo was all we had to deliver at the end of that day. Oh, and no speeding ticket!

Pick a topic

  1. Take a look around and think of which topics you're interested in photographing. Maybe you're into Cars? Food? People?
  2. Think of brands that represent that topic. Check if they offer to photograph for them.
  3. Apply! Even if they don't offer an application as an photographer apply to them!. Tell them about yourself and send some example pictures of your topic.

Take Action!

If you want to apply for Mercedes Benz, its quite simple. You can go to and apply. All you need is a camera. Good Luck!
Dominik Stötter
Developer by day. Photographer at golden hour. Occasional word wrangler after dark.


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