Fuji Silvi f2.8
Fuji Zoomdate f2.8
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Germany, Regensburg - 2020-07-03
The Fuji Silvi f2.8 Black (Japanese only) with exposure compensation could have been easily my favorite point and shoot camera. Unfortunatelly one problem is a no go for me.
Image: Dominik Stötter

The Good

The Fuji Silvi F2.8, in europe known as the Fuji Zoom Date F2.8 is a very appealing camera. It is a Point and Shoot Film Camera with Zoomlens that ranges from 24mm to 50mm. The brightest Aperture is on the 24mm end f2.8 and f5.6 on the 50mm end. The shutter is very quiet. It features two shutter buttons (one for lefthanded users or the selfie mode). On the Front it has a small mirror for the selfie mode where you can arrange yourself. The Lens is AF and the camera only works in automatic mode. The black version, which only ever was sold in Japan has one additional feature: Exposure Compensation for +/-2 EV.

The Bad

while these specs sound quite perfect, the image quality wasn't what i was expecting. Most images in other than extreme sunlight where slightly blurry even though i most of the time used +0.5 EV with Flash.

The Ugly

Now comes the big Problem with this camera. It favores slower shutter speed (propably around 1/15s) in favor of smaller apertures. I'm not sure the camera will ever take advantage of that f2.8 aperture, because it just reduces the shutter speed as much as possible, even with flash usage.

Dominik Stötter
Fulltime Developer, Amateur Photographer, Horrible Author


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