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Present Ideas
Gift Ideas

First and foremost

If you haven't got any idea of what you wanna buy (chances are, because you're reading this article) dont worry. According to many people propably haven't purchased their presents yet and won't until 2 weeks before christmas eve.
so what would be good ideas to gift, lets say your SO, if he/she's into film photography?

1. Film, obviously

This one really is obvious. If someone likes to shoot film, its likely he'd be happy get one (or a few) rolls. Maybe try to think outside the box and gift something he won't buy himself. Like color negative film for someone only shooting B&W or the other way around. Maybe some expired oldstock? Or Refreshing experimental rolls?
here are some more experimental suggestions in no particular order: - Cinestill 800T (obviously) - Retrochrome 400 - Kodak Gold 200 (expired)
or more ordinary ones: - Bergger Pancro 400 - Portra 160/400/800

2. A Film Camera

Many Film photographers already settled with one or more cameras they use on a daily basis. They've long decided between SLR and Rangefinder, tried a variety of cameras and experimented alot. It can be a very fun experience trying something new. The key here again is to think of something they would be interested in, but propably wouldn't buy for themselves.
One great example is this pepsi can style point and shoot film camera. It has no control options except for one flash toggle switch and the shutter release.

3. Printing Voucher

Taking great photos and posting them on instagram might be a comfy way of preserving memories. Having a physical copy is a very nice thing in this digital ages.

4. Camera Neck Strap

I've been always stuck with the basic Sony/Canon Neck Strap. But have seen some awesome Neck Straps. A Neck Strap is something i wouldn't buy for myself but be very happy when i would have a nice one.

5. Notebook

A little tool many might overlook but is critical for me is a small notebook where i write down my exposure settings for the roll. Or during development which temperatures. It helps keeping track of what went good, or bad during shooting or processing.
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