Samyang 85mm f1.4
Sony A7

REVIEW | Samyang 85mm F1.4 AF on Sony A7 in the Swiss Saxony

Germany, Swiss Saxony - 2020-10-16
I'm in the Swiss Saxony, a surreal beautiful place in Germany, testing out my SAMYANG 85MM F1.4 AF. Is this telephoto lens suitable for hiking?
Image: Dominik Stötter


I couldn't find any image of the lens on my collection. Most likely because i use it most of the time. It is quite the package and very big. Seems to be build out of aluminium and can take a small hit (like mine).


Sony A7 MK1 Samyang 85mm f1.4 AF

Lens Images

Top View
Side View


The Lens renders beautifully sharp from edge to edge fully open at f1.4. Even zooming in gives you a lot of detail, so there is plenty of room for cropping.
full view
center at 100% zoom


The big aperture together and the large focal length does make it quite a package. The weight of ca. 603g. Still quite usable while hiking. It does not get in your way.


No wonder i almost always have it on my Sony A7 attached. It is most of the times my "go to" lens, because it renders beautiful bokeh and separates the subject quite from the background. You have to go quite away from your subject to cover it fully.
here are some images shot in the swiss saxony with it

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