Regensburg, Germany - 2022-06-25
macOS 13 Ventura
disk utility


Make sure to locate your target volume beforehand. If you overwrite the wrong volume, its data will be most likely lost forever.


Have you ever tried to restore an bootable disk image on a modern macOS System? If so, you most likely stumbled across the following error(s):
  • Could not validate sizes – Operation not permitted. The operation couldn’t be completed. (OSStatus error 1.)
  • Restore Failure Could not validate source - invalid Argument
I did so, not for the first time. This article serves the purpose to remind myself in the future on how to solve it.


It's quite simple, but involves using the terminal.
  1. Imagescan the Source Image
sudo /usr/sbin/asr imagescan --source IMAGE.dmg
  1. Write the Source Image to the target Disk
Warning, this will erase the target Disk!
sudo /usr/sbin/asr restore --source <<IMAGE.dmg>> --target /Volumes/<<TARGET_NAME>> --erase
If promped to erase the disk, you'll need to confirm so by typing "y" followed by pressing enter.
Wait until the process completed.
Your bootable macOS Installer is now finished.
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